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Have you ever seen a bird take a bath?

I have. He/she jumped into a container filled with collected rainwater. then flew out moments later to preen on a tree bough. And then, dipped in again. That repeated for at least three times. Smart bird. It's good to be clean. =]

And, ofcourse, Happy Bday Pi~~ ^^

Talking about birthdays, I feasted on mine. =]

cooked prawns + salmon sashimi + oysters + fried platter

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This should be my first post for 2010, So, BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR =]

hey, better late than never right.

This week, I attempted a computer ban, and I must say, it is quite effective. I shall be continuing with it for the next nine months until FREEDOM O______O.

I have files to transfer, and creative pieces to brainstorm, so I will leave my darling flist with a quote from the great Coco Chanel:
A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

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Good morning ~~~


It was raining the other day, one of those rainy days sandwiched between the hot summer weeks, and it proved very refreshing. That day, I ventured downstairs to get a drink and found a Noisy Miner bird sitting in my backyard. He was sitting on a horizontal beam in the sheltered area that supported the infrastructure and was just looking around, facing the garden and watching the rainfall. The bird really touched me. What a Romantic bird. I believe his actions represented the Romantic celebration of nature, unlike me who sits in front of the computer all day. But hey, i love my computer <3.

I don’t like its name though. ‘Noisy Miner’ has negative connotations.(Noisy Miner) I had to scroll down like 300 or so birds to find the name of them. While doing so, I also found the species of birds that were nesting on the tall trees at my house. They are called ‘Grey Butcherbird’ (Grey Butcherbird). I don’t think the photo there does them justice though. They are quite pretty in appearance, but I think their characters are crap. I would be going to get my mail innocently and there will be a group of them sitting up there and staring at me. Staring is rude bird. Funny, that website I had to use for biology once.


Another thing, this morning, I received the notification that I had won Bright Star tickets. Bright Star is the new movie based on Keat’s life. A love story between a Romantic and a Rationalist. It looks really really sweet =]. I can’t wait to go see it.


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Hello friends =]

I am now liberated from the grasp of exams. =] =]. Surviving NINE exams in 6 days is quite an achievement I believe.

My friends wanted to see 2012 as a celebration for the end of exams, but I convinced them otherwise. Who would want to watch a doomsday movie right after the doom of exams? It does not make sense. Instead, we watched NEW MOON. My gosh, they talk too slow in that movie, but OH MY GOD TAYLOR LAUTNER IS HOTT. His presence was completely healing. But, the reports of how Taylor Lautner comes onscreen shirtless after 15min is false. I swear it took much much longer until he came on topless. But totally worth the wait. So, everyone was content when we continued our celebration through our appreciation of chocolate. I had a 'tutti frutti' waffle w, vanilla ice cream <3.
Yesterday, I received January Myojo, and I must say, I am Really Jealous of THIS DOG -->

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Desktop Meme

It’s been a while eh. Life is too crazy these days, but this meme I will not skip out on.

snatched from:  arizaki_shisaku.

I thought I might try Windows Live Writer, and as you can see, some features are different. ==” Anyways~~

  • Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
  • Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
  • Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!
  • screenSo, yes, that is chocolate. Chocolate is good for the soul. Food is a unifying force. It also makes me happy. And the quote: ‘Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty’ – Coco Chanel. 

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    I am still alive. More alive than ever actually. The past four days, I actually woke up out of my own will. I was rather convinced that if my parents didn't bother waking me up, I will probably never wake up. There isn't that much to look forward to.

    Anyways, today, I happened to wake up 20 min earlier. I sat up, and noticed this red illumination from all the windows, and thought "ahh, for once i woke up to see the sunrise". I did have doubts, for one, I'm pretty sure the sun rises at about 5am, it was near 7. Two, the light came from everywhere, not only the east.

    Sure enough, ten minutes after i fell back asleep, I was awoken and told there was 'sand' all over the car. WTF? Yet, in english, it is known as dust. The after effects of a DUST STORM to be precise, yet the sky was still red. =]

    And so I have spent the day, filtering dust/dirt/sand what ever it is, through my lungs. & ofcourse a 3 hour maths exam.

    I did find it fitting to prance around in my room, in the dust covered red morning, singing A.RA.SHI! A.RA.SHI! FOR DREAMMMMmmm!!!

    SOme people believe it was an omen to their day, I believe it was a sign of encouragement. ARASHI ~ =]
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    If I Ever Become An Evil Overlord,

    I will not turn into a snake. 

    It never helps.

    Today, sad and good news -- so I guess it is neutralised? Well, probably not, it is just slightly less grey.

    Bad news
    - I didn't end up going shopping  =[
    - I have yet to make any notes for anything ( - . - )"
    - It is near impossible to get johnnys concert tickets with the current development ='[ 

    Good news

    - THERE IS A SEQUEL TO REAL CLOTHES SP. "Last week, it was learned that Satoru Makimura's manga "Real Clothes" is being adapted as a live-action series." ---> does that mean a drama??  And karina is back as main character xD Me loves~~~ karina. (tokyograph)

    Let's talk this season's dramas.
    Dramas I will watch/currently watching: Otomen, Buzzer Beat
    Dramas on the fence: Orthros no Inu, Karei Naru Spy (lol, after seeing those massu screencaps~! =]), Kochikame (karina! but I don't think anyone is subbing it?), Dandy Daddy ( It sounds interesting.. plus I like ishiguro), Koishite Akuma ( NO ONE TOLD ME IRIE JINGI WAS IN IT BEFORE!!!),  
    Those are the most appealing ~ and I am still finishing a couple of last season's dramas. That reminds me, I should dl the next ep of konkatsu =]
    In around 8hrs it will be 24th August!! YESH~~ IT IS my first love's birthday <3
    Happy Birthday Jiro Wang~~! ♥

    I wanted to take one screencap and ended up watching 20min of Rolling Love =="

    If I ever become an evil overlord, I will dress in bright and cheery colors, and so throw my enemies into confusion.

    LOL -->The top 100 things I will do if I ever become an evil overlord.
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