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If I Ever Become An Evil Overlord,

I will not turn into a snake. 

It never helps.

Today, sad and good news -- so I guess it is neutralised? Well, probably not, it is just slightly less grey.

Bad news
- I didn't end up going shopping  =[
- I have yet to make any notes for anything ( - . - )"
- It is near impossible to get johnnys concert tickets with the current development ='[ 

Good news

- THERE IS A SEQUEL TO REAL CLOTHES SP. "Last week, it was learned that Satoru Makimura's manga "Real Clothes" is being adapted as a live-action series." ---> does that mean a drama??  And karina is back as main character xD Me loves~~~ karina. (tokyograph)

Let's talk this season's dramas.
Dramas I will watch/currently watching: Otomen, Buzzer Beat
Dramas on the fence: Orthros no Inu, Karei Naru Spy (lol, after seeing those massu screencaps~! =]), Kochikame (karina! but I don't think anyone is subbing it?), Dandy Daddy ( It sounds interesting.. plus I like ishiguro), Koishite Akuma ( NO ONE TOLD ME IRIE JINGI WAS IN IT BEFORE!!!),  
Those are the most appealing ~ and I am still finishing a couple of last season's dramas. That reminds me, I should dl the next ep of konkatsu =]
In around 8hrs it will be 24th August!! YESH~~ IT IS my first love's birthday <3
Happy Birthday Jiro Wang~~! ♥

I wanted to take one screencap and ended up watching 20min of Rolling Love =="

If I ever become an evil overlord, I will dress in bright and cheery colors, and so throw my enemies into confusion.

LOL -->The top 100 things I will do if I ever become an evil overlord.
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