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I am still alive. More alive than ever actually. The past four days, I actually woke up out of my own will. I was rather convinced that if my parents didn't bother waking me up, I will probably never wake up. There isn't that much to look forward to.

Anyways, today, I happened to wake up 20 min earlier. I sat up, and noticed this red illumination from all the windows, and thought "ahh, for once i woke up to see the sunrise". I did have doubts, for one, I'm pretty sure the sun rises at about 5am, it was near 7. Two, the light came from everywhere, not only the east.

Sure enough, ten minutes after i fell back asleep, I was awoken and told there was 'sand' all over the car. WTF? Yet, in english, it is known as dust. The after effects of a DUST STORM to be precise, yet the sky was still red. =]

And so I have spent the day, filtering dust/dirt/sand what ever it is, through my lungs. & ofcourse a 3 hour maths exam.

I did find it fitting to prance around in my room, in the dust covered red morning, singing A.RA.SHI! A.RA.SHI! FOR DREAMMMMmmm!!!

SOme people believe it was an omen to their day, I believe it was a sign of encouragement. ARASHI ~ =]
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