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Good morning ~~~


It was raining the other day, one of those rainy days sandwiched between the hot summer weeks, and it proved very refreshing. That day, I ventured downstairs to get a drink and found a Noisy Miner bird sitting in my backyard. He was sitting on a horizontal beam in the sheltered area that supported the infrastructure and was just looking around, facing the garden and watching the rainfall. The bird really touched me. What a Romantic bird. I believe his actions represented the Romantic celebration of nature, unlike me who sits in front of the computer all day. But hey, i love my computer <3.

I don’t like its name though. ‘Noisy Miner’ has negative connotations.(Noisy Miner) I had to scroll down like 300 or so birds to find the name of them. While doing so, I also found the species of birds that were nesting on the tall trees at my house. They are called ‘Grey Butcherbird’ (Grey Butcherbird). I don’t think the photo there does them justice though. They are quite pretty in appearance, but I think their characters are crap. I would be going to get my mail innocently and there will be a group of them sitting up there and staring at me. Staring is rude bird. Funny, that website I had to use for biology once.


Another thing, this morning, I received the notification that I had won Bright Star tickets. Bright Star is the new movie based on Keat’s life. A love story between a Romantic and a Rationalist. It looks really really sweet =]. I can’t wait to go see it.

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